Coronavirus: Your online presence is now more important than ever

COVID-19 has brought about some drastic changes to the way we do business. One of the most noteworthy being brought about by “social distancing”. Physical contact, face to face meetings and group presentations are now limited or completely restricted.

By Tanja Lategan, CEO, Enlight Strategic

Discovery recently released a statement encouraging their clients to use their online tools instead, in order to take pressure off their call centre while their employees are working from home. Many business will have to follow suit, and rely on their online platforms to continue supporting their clients and customers during this time. 

As more people will rely on digital technology to communicate, source information and transact, your online presence will become critically important and continue to perform a key role for your business in the new post COVID-19 world.

The national lock down in South Africa has forced many businesses to close their doors for 21 days with a possible extension looming, while others have slowed operations in line with a lower demand during this time.

While most businesses and people currently have some spare time on their hands, we must try to use this time productively and get to the things that have always taken a back seat.

Yes, I am talking about company websites that haven’t been updated for years and social media accounts that have been created but sitting dormant, as well as that e-commerce strategy that gets shelved whenever physical demands are more pressing.

Businesses should use this time to relook at their digital strategies and ensure that they are still relevant. It is now more important than ever before for businesses to prioritise this. A new era has dawned and digital operations are here to stay.

Want to get started?

Here are 5 basic things that need your attention:

  1. Content: Re-evaluate the content on your digital platforms. Does it accurately reflect your products, brand’s personality and unique value proposition?
  • Information Architecture:  Ensure that the order in which information is displayed on your digital platforms is allowing users to find what they need easily and that every end goal requires no more than 3 clicks to be achieved.
  • User Experience (UX). Reconsider your user personas – are they still relevant? Are the user journeys catering to each of these user categories?
  • Customer Experience (CX) Rethink the customer journey. If your physical business is being affected, expand capacity for self-service online and digital sales. 
  • Enable remote experiences with a personal touch. Recorded video content, remote conferences, online learning. Not every product or service is 100% suited to self-service delivery. Sometimes the human touch makes all the difference to customers.

The decisions you make today will shape your business for years to come.

If you require more assistance with your online presence and platforms please don’t hesitate to contact Enlight Strategic on or +27 72 744 7993.